Is meditation for me?

Work is always crazy, but more so lately.  The next 7-8 months with the house build, financing, logistics of moving are going to be stressful.  So I’ve been researching meditation.  A friend at work has a sister who swears by it.  Does it every morning when she wakes up because it’s the best time.  So using the Calm app, I’m striving for 10 minutes every morning when I wake up and maybe 10 minutes during the work day.  instead of chatting at someone’s desk, I can take some time for me.  the few times I’ve tried here and there, I have felt better.  Now I’m upping my game!


Craft? Why yes I do!

via Daily Prompt: Craft

The first thing that comes to mind is knitting.  It’s a craft, it’s very basic and been around since the beginning of time.  However craft can be anything that one creates.  Crafting a proposal.  Crafting a response to an email.  Crafting a work project or a personal project.  Craft can be tangible, or it can be idea, a thought, a position, something intangible.  Craft is a basic word for a basic concept: creation.


Daily Prompt: Hopeful

via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

Decided to do this daily prompt because I am hopeful for 2017 and the exciting changes it will bring for me: slight adjustment in work duties, more planned knitting, move across the country, and a whole new life.  I’m also hopeful to reinvigorate myself with blogging and do things I enjoy.  Part of this seems to be to create a shell for myself but most of the internet is not great.  People in general can be very ignorant, selfish, super opinionated and not tolerant of other’s likes and dislikes.  I can accept you for what you choose but I don’t have to like it.  This is partly due to living on the East coast where, sorry, but most people are just not nice.  My few close friends are and the girls I work with, but outside of that…not really.

So 2017 is about getting back to me and what’s important to me.  I’ll blog whenever I want, it’s not a business, it’s an outlet.  Maybe connect with others, who knows.  This blog is about taking stock of things and creating a place that I can come back to and revisit points and things in my life.  You only get one shot at this life.  What you choose to do with it is all you.  Make the most of it 🙂

Here’s to a Hopeful 2017!!!!

Evolving reading habits


As I get older and my free time becomes more limited, I am finding my reading tastes are changing.  Any book needs to keep my interest in order for me to finish it.  Boring or hateful characters-nope not going to finish.  Predictable plot, so much so that I could write the story or I’ve read it a thousand times – nope not gonna happen.  This is not limited to one genre or length of book either.  Mystery, HF, suspense, nonfiction-if I put that book down and don’t feel the need to finish the story, I will quit the book.  I will try to soldier on, give it another chance, but too many times I’ve come to realize that the story is not that compelling.  So why bother?

I am finding that the classics and mysteries seem to hold my interest.  Dickens: read Bleak House and Great Expectations and loved them both.  Want to read more.  Mysteries: been trying many different types or series, and they have been godsends to me.

When I read, I want to escape and forget what happened that day.  Reading allows that part of my brain to shut down, so if the story or the characters are working a nerve, down that book goes.

The same goes for my tv watching.  I can take predictable procedurals because it is the characters that keep me coming back.  If a shows gets too main stream or cutesy and feel good, I’m out.  TV shoes trying to give me a narrative or trying to influence my thoughts, out!  Come on, you know what I’m talking about.  I will watch a show for a long time, and then if it gets crappy, I’ll stop.  There are too many entertainment options available now.

Life is too short to watch or read things that do not entertain me or make me think about things.  Be creative people!  Give me something different.  Don’t tell me creativity has peaked?!

Summer is over


It’s Labor Day Weekend and the summer is unofficially over.  I’m glad because the weather this summer was brutal.  So tired of the air conditioner being on, and feeling blah.  Most importantly I finished teaching my last class at work, so now I can concentrate on getting my peeps to where they need to be and this means more free time for Jenny.  Well some free time.

I have lots of exciting things going on.  Big IT project at work which will change my daily life, but looking forward to the change.  It’s long overdue. More importantly I am building a house 2500 miles away and what  project that is!  From picking the builder, to choosing designs for the cabinets, from soup to nuts basically.  We will be going out there soon, to make all these choices and it is quite daunting.  We only have two days and boy will we be busy!  The website Houzz is a major rabbit hole.  It helps, but not when you keep picking the most expensive options.  Exciting but scary for sure!

To that end, I’ve been going through my book shelves, reading or keeping books.  Some books I will never get rid of.  Others I brought to work to the “library” shelf.  Some I tried to read, but lately a book really has to wow me in order for me to  continue reading.  if not, if i get bored, or the characters are brutal, I give up the book.  I’m sure my busy life has something to do with this as well.  Some books though follow a formula and that is annoying.

Getting rid of clutter extends to my knitting as well.  I’m trying not to cast on any more projects, and finish what I have started.  I went through my stash several times, and have tried to be really thoughtful.  Will I knit this?/  DO I want to knit with this?  Some crappy yarns I just tossed.  Others, I kept however on my next culling I may toss them.  they are not worth selling either.  I will certainly not run out of yarn to knit, however, I don’t want to haul stuff 2500 miles if I don’t really want it.

Items need to bring me joy or happiness in order for them to stay in my life.  that goes for everything: clothing, mementos, kitchen stuff, everything.  No clutter and no extra “stuff” in the new house.  It’s very freeing to declutter, truly.

That’s all I have for now.  We’ll see how this new blogging thing goes.  I’m going to try to post once a week, at least.  Wish me luck!

Getting back in the swing of things

Fellow blogger Trish, recently celebrated her 9 year bloggiversary by writing a fabulous post about what she has learned in her years of blogging.  Her post was beautiful and resonated with me because it made me realize how much I have grown, learned, and tried since I started blogging, almost 8 years ago too.  It made me think about why I started blogging in the first place.

I started with books and reviews and that became a huge rabbit hole.  Although I met and stayed friends with some awesome bloggers and people, book reviews etc., became a job.  Reading, posting, commenting, I lost what I wanted my blog to be about:  a space for me to talk about anything I want, a journal type space to remember knitting projects, a place to sound off without being worried about offending anyone.  There is way too much of that nowadays.

Well I’m reading this several weeks after I started this post.  I completely got side tracked by life and forgot about it.  So let’s start this new blog journey started.

Fresh Start

Hello there!  Wanted to make a complete fresh start, again, in the hopes of getting back into blogging.  While my old sites are a part of me, they are not something I want to constantly bring forward.  I want some division between them and me.  This is a place that my online peeps will know but maybe not those in my life.  They value their privacy and by starting fresh I feel like I can keep that intact.  Plus it’s just something I wanted to do!